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About Us

About Us

Where it all started…


Hey there, we're Kevin & Emma, the co-founders behind Rustic Soul.  In 2016, we embarked on this incredible journey driven by our love for wood and crafting furniture.  Our aim was simple: to offer an alternative to mass-produced pieces and give people the chance to customise furniture to fit their space using natural wood and highlighting its natural character.


Fast forward eight years, and we've grown from a humble start to owning a bustling workshop in Newry, NI. Our clientele spans residential and commercial spaces all across the island of Ireland and beyond, a testament to our passion and dedication.


As we've grown, our involvement in diverse creative projects, ranging from distillery fit-outs to supplying bespoke products to other trades and professionals, has significantly expanded. 


Our production is a blend of creative design and build projects, made-to-order items, one off bespoke pieces, fit out and bespoke CNC cutting solutions.


Evolving into Soul Bespoke…


As we stand in the present, we're excited to share a new chapter with you. Rustic Soul is transforming into Soul Bespoke, a reflection of our evolution.  While we'll continue our commitment to making unique furniture, we're expanding our horizons.  Soul Bespoke is not just about furniture; it's about creative manufacturing & CNC cutting solutions. 


Diversifying our offerings, we're now stepping into the creative manufacturing, fit-out and CNC cutting industries. It's our way of meeting the diverse needs of our growing clientele and embracing new challenges in the supply & manufacturing world. The same passion that birthed Rustic Soul now propels us forward as Soul Bespoke.


And there's more. We've partnered with Reforest Nation, committing to plant a tree for every order placed at Soul Bespoke. To date, we've already funded over 200 trees to be planted on the island of Ireland and we are dedicated to plant even more to help achieve a sustainable future. It's our way of giving back and ensuring that our products not only provide you with a creative solution but also contribute positively to the environment we all share.


Where We're Going...

As Soul Bespoke expands and transforms into a fully-fledged creative manufacturing company, our dedication lies in creative and innovative solutions, achieving sustained growth, and making a positive and sustainable impact on both our clients and our environment. 


Thanks for being part of our journey, 

Kevin & Emma 

Soul Bespoke - A Rustic Soul Company.

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